Every day Stand Up, Share and Get Going Meetings

In today’s fast paced world with series of parallel changes demanding speed and agility to get things done as a team and individuals. Its essential to develop techniques that allow us to better collaborate with less time and more productivity.

In this article let’s focus on how we can make our progress tracking more effective by doing it in a simple yet effective manner every day/every week. This is also called as Stand Up Meetings. The name stand up is to ensure that people know it’s a short meeting and they need be upto the point, specific and relevant to the group they are talking to.

This has been a very effective method of running progress checks as well as “depending on each other” to keep making the progress we intend to achieve our targets.

The meeting should be arranged everyday/every week at a specific time. As a stand up meeting the overall meeting should be of 15-20 minutes at max. Here is the Agenda of the meeting and Do’s/Don’ts..


Each individual member of the meeting has to focus on talking only about following,

  1. What have you done yesterday/last week
  2. What will you be working on today/this week
  3. What roadblocks/issues you see affecting your progress

Do’s and Don’ts

  1. The chair person of the meeting should not be the hierarchical authority. It should be one of the project team member with whom people are very comfortable working
  2. The meeting team should comprise of 2-4 people to be more effective and brief
  3. Every member must prepare what needs to shared and it has to be at max 3 to 5 minutes per person. This also means share things that are relevant for the group and be specific.
  4. The chair person/delegate should record the minutes specially the problems/issues and pass it to the appropriate action driver to ensure those actions are acted on with priority
  5. Focus on ensuring that this does not become a blame meetings(pin pointing) and Ensure it does not move towards highly operations/technical details discussion


  1. You will see that all will get use to a very effective and upto point meetings
  2. If done every day there will be only few actions to note and work on
  3. Communication would be crystal clear amongst the team
  4. Team work (depend on each other) will become much more stronger ensuring high level of collaboration
  5. Being short and effective meeting would lead to member’s eagerness to join the meeting

Go ahead and use it. I am sure you will find it very effective too.


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