What does it mean to be moving towards cloud computing…

Cloud computing has started in the decade of 2000 and has been becoming a future of Data Centre Hosting. It is closely linked to the term “Platform as a Service” for infrastructure hosting related solutions. It aims to make the business Asset Free and move them towards Pay as you Go model. Given the dynamic economic situations, growth in number of internet sites and growing number of individuals becoming self made entrepreneurs is igniting the need for Cloud Computing and Cloud Hosting solutions.

Cloud computing is the buzz word and real good thing for individuals, small and medium enterprises. The need for individuals, small and medium enterprises is driven by low cost, pay as you go strategy while they don’t have to take care of assets, facility and services. They simply buy the so called Utility services from existing cloud solution providers and start using the hosting almost instantly. The challenge still remains on ensuring the effective use of cloud solutions in the right manner. Like all technology changes the cloud solutions are also evolving and it will take some more time for people & businesses to get use to the Cloud solutions effective use for their needs.

For the multinationals (MNCs), cloud computing and hosting are still seen as risky as well as time consuming in terms of transformation from existing asset based data centre hosting to cloud hosting solutions. The MNCs are moving towards private cloud solutions that enable their businesses with high secure cloud solutions based on their needs. For MNCs the other challenges are,

  1. Multiple locations with all sizes of office, small, medium, big, requiring different scale of solutions and accessibility needs
  2. Latency issues due to remote users, remote sites, 3rd party access
  3. Multiple vendors involved in IT end to end service delivery chain
  4. Every changing speed of acquisition and disentanglements due to dynamic economic situations and drive for growth
  5. Wide variety of application platforms resulting in complex hosting needs and making upgrades even more difficult
  6. Multiple new and change projects in IT service delivery chain
  7. Scattered or Consolidated but too big, multiple billing within IT service delivery chain from various vendors
  8. Loss of touch and feel (Control) over assets and their management
  9. Multi company shared datacenters can pose security and control risks if not managed properly

Like all new innovations Clould Computing/Hosting is also a good thing from future perspective and is evolving. Companies are preparing to be ready for the next versions of cloud computing/hosting solutions. In few years from now the real view and use of cloud computing will come to light as more and more businesses/individuals start to use it and demand/suggest/ask for improvements in services.


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