Use of Mobile Communications and Social media – Introduction


It has been close to two decades since internet was born and it’s been 3 decades since computers were born and came in use. We have made leaps and bounds of progress in automating everything around us and utilizing internet to the maximum possible. In computerization we have gone to an extent where our mobile devices are either at par or sometimes even more powerful in capacity then the laptop computer we use at home and work. The use of mobile devices has made the businesses real time; requiring many organisations to think about their use of mobility solutions to help in their organisation growth.

The powerful mobile devices and equally powerful mobile network/broadband services available at hands of regular consumers is making organisations to think about their product and services reach on mobile devices. Consumers are using the power of internet to do real time communication and make their views and needs heard through Social Media sites and mobile applications. Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and many many more are being used to collaborate on wide range of topics including product reviews, word of mouth marketing for a product or brand, product quality and after sales service.

Social Media and its mobile presence is enabling organisations to leverage internal as well as external growth. Internal growth focusing on having company wide social media platform(s) meant to be used by company employees and staff for collaboration, idea generation, best practice sharing, learnings and leveraging the power of peer network. External growth focusing on product launch, product reviews, customer service, pre and post-sales support and community service by use of social media.


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